The Kogi State University Library is a research library of Dr. Aliyu Obaje Library established in 1999 under leadership of Prince Abubakar Audu, the former governor of the state in 1999. The library has many of the collection’s titles date to the 19th century publications, books, journals and NUC recommended standard for academic excellence. The KSU library today contains more than thousands of books,  over 8000 manuscripts, 8,500 printed works, roughly 150 medieval manuscripts and more than 12,000 16th century works. The library is often open to students and academic staff of the university community. The library consists of two story building and of course the largest library in the state capital of Kogi State with international standard shelf space and number of volumes. Electronic Information Services are also available through the e-Library unit. Every admitted student of the university must present a valid KSU student card to borrow materials from the library.



The purpose of KSU Library is to support the University’s mission and vision to inspire and equip academic standard and excellence services in the university community through teaching and research.


Organizational Structure of the Library
The Kogi State University library is organized into four major divisions namely:

*Administrative Division         

*Readers’ Division

*Technical Division

*E-Library Division

*Other Sub-Libraries Division (Faculty of Law Library, Faculty of Medicine Library and Faculty of Management Sciences Library)


Administrative Section

The administrative section handled day-to-day issues that concerns the library welfare, discipline, budgeting, development and equipping of library offices.


Readers’ Division

The reader’s division is sub-divided into the following units:

* Reference section

* Special Collections Unit

* Textbooks Collection Unit

* Serials section

*Circulation section


Circulation Section
The Circulation Section is responsible for library users’ registration, charging and discharging of books (borrowing and returning of books), staff and student’s library clearance, and maintenance of day-to-day arrangement of the shelves.

Reference Section

The Reference Section of the library provides assistance to library patrons by providing them with answers to their requests. The Section also contains reference resources such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, maps, atlases, abstracts, indexes, etc.


Serial Section
This serial section accommodates all print copies of serial/periodical publications in the library such as bulletins, dailies papers, journals, magazines, newsletters and process them for use by library users.

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Textbook Collection
The textbook collection Unit contains one copy each of every title acquired. Materials in this unit are on closed access which implies that they are to be used within the library.


Special Section
This special section contain the documentations of government publications, annual reports of parastatals, theses and dissertations, Nigerian and Africana collection, etc.


Technical Services Division
The Kogi State University Library Technical Division comprises of Bindery Section, Collection Section and Cataloguing Section

Bindery Section
This section provides facilities for the preservation and repair of books and non-book materials for the library.


Cataloguing Section
The cataloguing section is responsible for the organization of all library information resources, into different formats and disciplines for easy storage and quick retrieval.


Collections Section
The collections section is basically responsible for the acquisition of all information resources. The section is also responsible for the receipt and acknowledgement of donated information resources, initial processing of all information resources acquired before cataloguing.


ICT Division of the University

The ICT division of Kogi State University comprises of:

*Dr. Aliyu Obaje e-Library

*Faculty of Law e-Library

*Faculty of Management Sciences e-Library

*Digital Centre

*Computing Centre


Library Entrance Unit
The library entrance unit is responsible for day-to-day security of the library materials. They are also responsible for opening and closing of the library screened all users on entrance and exit from the library.


Registration and Borrowing

Registration and borrowing is open to all academic, administrative, senior technical staff and students of the Kogi State University community and other persons as may be recommended by the University Librarian are eligible to register. It is very important to note that all overdue books attract fines. Any book not returned will be paid for at the prevailing cost of replacement to which will be added an administrative charge of the book plus the overdue fines accumulated from the date due.

Important Note to all users of the Kogi State University Library

All admitted students are expected to have valid library I.D. card of the university to enable such student or user to check-out materials from the library. KSU Library cards are not transferrable. If lost or stolen, the library user must notified the library authority for immediate replacement, but a sworn affidavit and a police extract will be required to establish the authenticity of such claim or evidence of admission letter.



KSU e-Library subscriptions are only available to admitted students of the institution. The user must click on this link to create account to enable such student have access to all our available e-journals and e-resources online.  Papers published within the university community must be subscribe with the patrons User’s Name and Password which would be automatically send to the user inbox. Access is unlimited across subscribing institutions via IP authentication. 

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